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Jack‘s back!

Like the previous four seasons, I did not watch this season premiere of 24 live. I know that’s not interesting, but I just thought it was odd.

I like the four-hours in two days thing they’ve done the past two seasons. One of the nice by-products of having to wait until the TV season is half over for the show start.

-In a move I don’t like, but I understood why, they killed off President Palmer. A few minutes later, the current president, Logan (I gave him the nick name of Froggy Nixon last year, because of his buggy eyes, swollen jowels and personal integrity) said something about Palmer being a man of “truth and honor”–two words that would not describe Logan.

-So Clohe’s shackin up with a co-worker. I was kinda hoping it would have been Edgar, rather than that new guy.

-Was I the only one feeling bad for Edgar once the new guy told him that he saw Clohe earlier in the day? Edgar looked like an 8 year old about to get the birds and the bees speech.

-Jack was awsome, as usual. I’m not too sure what to think of his new woman and her son. Although the scene where they called from the chopper was ripe for comedy pickins “Hey. I’m a total stranger, but I’m taking your son for a helicopter ride.”

-I have a feeling the new first lady is going to be my least favorite character this season. Why in the world would Palmer confide in a manic-depressive shrew? In the past, he’s gone for the manipulative, evil shrew-types.

-And judging from evidence from last season and this season, Jack can use a gun, but Clohe is by far the best shot on the whole show.

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