Everyone knows what today is

photoshop fun with the weez

I’d like to wish everyone out there a happy international Weezer day!

Legend has it, that fourteen years ago today, Elisha Cuthbert taught the band to play. After dumping some Kool-Aid on Scott Shriner’s head, the former motorcycle-rock band kicked her out and replaced her with roadie Rivers Cuomo. The band returned to it’s Kenosha, Wisconsin roots and played several dance contests while Matt Sharp wrote and composed many of the band’s later hits.

Matt then left to be bigger than Elvis, while Rivers locked himself into a closet bouncing a rubber ball against the wall and burning his master tapes. Brian lost several shirts and sweaters he would later lament. It was around this time that Rivers’ marriage to Lisa Loeb fell apart and the band found itself playing at several Mexican weddings. This period was promptly erased from the annals of band history.

All that I’m sure of now is that Miss Piggy fell in love with Pat, Rivers became Yoda and a lot of other stuff happened. I think.

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