Poor Kermit


Good episode, yet it left me somewhat unfulfilled. I just felt myself wanting more- like confirmation that the guy was an Other.

-Good editing on the previouslies. They were actually compelling. BTW-is Michael still around?

-The Gulf War stuff in this episode was great. I know the show is shot in Hawaii, but the Iraq scenes looked amazing.

-There was a few months buildup to the American invasion of Iraq. (The first one). You think that Saddam would have had some time to get everyone to shred his documents.

-Crazy French Chick is back!

-The Sawyer dynamic is weird now. He’s an outcast, but he seemed comfortable. If I had stolen all the guns, you can bet I’d be looking over my shoulder all the damn time.

-I never knew “ranch dippin” was a verb.

-So the Iraqi/Farsi word for helicopter is “helicopter.” I did not know that.

-So Locke is on board with the whole Army thing?

-Okay, Sawyer is a mean person. We get it!

-The dude mined “non-metallic metals?” What the hell are those? He’s lying!!

-So the timer has a grace period? Maybe it’s not a timer. Looked like a slot machine to me. Maybe Locke shouldn’t have entered the code- I bet the payout was pretty high this time.

Good episode, but I wanted more.

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