Not much to say

If you’re asking me (and you probably haven’t) tonight’s episode of 24 was solid, yet unspectacular. I really don’t have that much to say.

-I was a bit disappointed during the previouslies- I could have used more of the MegaPowers teaming up or the Walt beatown. But that’s just me.

-Why do all these CTU people have these family emergencies? And why do they always happen on the busiest day of the year? I mean, do the crackhead sisters or psycho daughters or loser-ass brothers just know what day to go crazy on?

-I’m glad someone finally slapped Logan. I think for the good of the nation, someone needs to slap him every five minutes. I’m a bit surprised that after talking to him for just a few minutes, Jack didn’t tie Logan to a chair and start twirling a towel around. I know I would.

-Spencer is a whiny little bitch.

-The scariest thing about this episode- Curtis taking a bullet. Yet he still manages to give the finger to statistics and logic and lives to see another hour.

-Best moment of the episode: Edgar’s smile after telling Clohe she did the right thing. I think he’s gonna get some by the end of the day.

-When they pulled Walt down, they cut to a shot of Logan, with a look on his face. I think Logan was thinking “why didn’t I think of that?”

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