Three To Four

King Tom would like to begin this 24 entry with what the kids call a shout out.

Happy Presidents Day to former President David Palmer and to a lesser extent, former President Keebler. But not to President Logan, who is just a schmendrick.

After a lackluster episode, 24 returned with a bang. Damn fine episode, although I don’t have a clue where the season is going.

With 24, the plans of the villians dictate where the season goes. It feels like the reins of this season are being handed from bad guy to bad guy, each with a different plan. I wonder if the 24 creative crew actually have a plan for this season of if they’re just making it up as they go along. Either way, I like it so far.

-The bad guys sure got to the bigger bad guy’s hideout pretty quickly, didn’t they?

-Nice knowing you Yellow Tie Guy!

-Logan said something like “take responsibility and do your job.” Does he ever listen to his own advice?

-I think McGill’s diapers need to be changed. He’s just aggravating me this episode. How will taking Jack (who has autonomy from the President) into custody help at all?

-I really feel bad for Buchanan, that he has to report to McGill. I read James Morrison, the guy who plays Buchanan, is a yoga instructor and poet. Because of this, I imagine Buchanan lives in a sparsely-decorated home, and sleeps on a stone tablet. Bill Buchanan is the man.

-Curtis said something like “Gotta be strange for Audrey- just yesterday, she thought you were dead.” Um, Curtis, if I recall correctly, so did you.

-Was it me, or did Jack take out Curtis using the Million Dollar Dream?!

-When the terrorist called to talk to Logan, and he was all “I’m not talking to a terrorist,” I was waiting for this to happen:
Logan: “Tell them I’m not here”
Novick: “They know you’re here, sir”
Logan: “Tell them I’ve crapped my pants and I’m in the bathroom.”
Novick: “Sir, take the call” [forces phone into Logan’s hands]
Logan: [into phone] “Presidente Logan no está aquí.” [hangs up phone]

How awesome would that have been.

-Okay, Nathanson was just stupid. He didn’t need to reach for that other gun. He should have known Jack was on his way, and was going to take out the chopper with just his handgun. Is that multiple choppers Jack has now taken out?

-My pet peeve about this episode- If memory serves, when the Russian President arrived at the summit, he arrived by helicopter. But all the scuttlebutt this episode was about his motorcade. Why is he traveling a different way back than the way he arrived?

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