A victim of my own klutziness

I’m kind of immobile right now.

my foot

That’s my left foot. My ankle is broken. Happened yesterday and I don’t know how long I’ll be on the shelf for. This is what, the second or third time I’ve had to withdraw from the 2006 MLB season? They’re better off without me for the time being.

I should also take this time to thank the Civee for taking care of me (and Iron Mike for helping get my car). I drove myself to the hospital, but the Civee has done everything else.

I just hope I don’t get too surly from doing nothing over the next few days.

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10 thoughts on “A victim of my own klutziness

  1. So, you write this whole thing, but you didn’t tell us how your klutziness caused this particular accident.

    If I send you a copy of my signature, can you forge it on you cast?

  2. I can totally draw a mural on that cast…aw yeah.

    Star Wars? Wrestling? Vader vs. Hogan…in a cage!

    Take it easy on it.

  3. To tell you how it happened, I could say that I stepped off a treadmill the wrong way, but like I hinted at, I’m clumsy, so it was more of a fall off the treadmill.

    It’s not a hard cast- it’s a splint- which I think is just as bad, but you can’t sign (sorry Levy) or draw (sorry Bri) on it. As cool as it would be to walk around with a drawing of Vader vs. Hogan vs. Rivers Cuomo in a fire cage on the splint, it’s probably not going to happen. I’m going to an orthopod on Wednesday- sounds like they’re going to take the splint off then, and then decide whether or not I need surgery (probably not). I just want to be able to do something again.

  4. […] -A brochure from St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York (from a trip in November ‘04) -A lunch receipt from February 2005 -A UPS shipping receipt from January 2006 -A ticket to an OmniMax movie (Forces of Nature) -A ticket to a chick flick the Civee wanted to see (I’d rather not say the title) -Three cough drops -An instruction book for a Swiss Army Knife -A valet parking receipt (never redeemed) from when I drove myself to the hospital barefoot after breaking my ankle And best of all: -A weezer bumper sticker […]

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