Damn you 24 producers!

Well that back-to-back double dose of 24 was interesting.

First of all, I’m pissed that they killed Edgar. I know, I know, no one’s safe, everybody’s gotta go blah blah blah, but did they really have to make him go out like the rest of the now deceased chumps at CTU? Here’s a guy that caught at least one mole at CTU, saved power plants from melting down and just wanted to get a little closer to Chlöe .

At least he got the silent timer.

I’m glad these episodes were back-to-back. I could have done without the previouslies to kick off the second hour, but I can’t complain about the lack of credits/previews/commercials between the two hours.


-I didn’t notice that Tony re-grew the soul-patch.

-I have a feeling that before the end of the day, Aaron’s going to take out Logan.

-Speaking of the weasel, Logan: “It’s my job to handle impossible situations.” I think this is something that he’s only realizing now.

-So Logan tells Yuri his wife is crazy. I have a feeling that Yuri is going to tell all the other world leaders. And news of the first lady of cleavage’s mental instability is going to be the big gossip among the international community. I can just see it now- the Premier of Craplakistan cracking on Logan because his wife’s crazy. (By the way, the First Lady of Cleavage is played by Jean Smart. I put this in here to get more google hits from those weirdos who google such things.)

-Was it me, or was I the only one saying “Oh yes he is” when Henderson’s wife said “You don’t need the gun Jack, you’re not going to shoot me.”

-That scene near the end of hour one- where Curtis and the hazmat team were running the nerve gas out of the hospital- if I were there, I would have thought a bunch of costumed jackasses were trying to steal the hospital coffee machine.

-So after Jack “died,” Kim’s life hasn’t been so good. Chase dumped her. She joined a rock band that dumped her. And she hooked up with C. Thomas Howell. I’d say she was better off with the cougar.

-Leland Palmer is the Vice President? What? Don’t they screen these people? I’m sure Special Agent Cooper filed a complete report. All Jack has to do is call Diane.

-I felt like the middle section of hour two went nowhere.

-Was it me, or was the guy who invaded CTU a dead ringer for Philip Seymour Hoffman?

-Sad to see Edgar die. I wish Louis Lombardi well. Of course I’ll tune in next week, but it’ll be a little less fun.

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5 thoughts on “Damn you 24 producers!

  1. Was it just me, or was the First Lady of Cleavage looking at Aaron like she was going to kiss him? I think they’re gonna hook up by the end of the day.

  2. If Aaron does take out Logan, the only reasonable explanation is that he wants another President Palmer.

  3. Levy- I’m starting to think that too.
    djl- If that’s the case, will Bob be in charge? Will Jack be sent to the black lodge?

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