Finally the King has returned

For the first time in what seems like forever, I went out for my hour of me.

I’ve been able to walk without assistance for a few days- though I still use crutches for the long hauls, mostly the two blocks from the parking lot to my office. Because of the injury, I had been bringing lunch to work and eating it in my office. That seems to make the day go even slower, because I don’t get a chance to get out.

Today was different. I was able to meet the St. Tommy’s Day crew for our weekly lunch. That, combined with the clear skies and near-70 degree weather put me in a good mood that I haven’t been in in a while.

Now if I can only get rid of this damn boot.

Some other things:

-Even though I didn’t mention it in my weekly 24 commentary, I’m still getting hits from people looking for the First Lady of Cleavage. Keep on visiting weirdos!

-I’m also getting hits from people looking for information on Rivers Cuomo getting married.

-Speaking of Weezer, the Man (Karl) has revised the band’s recording history. The newest page details the making of Make Believe, which was released last year. I think this kind of stuff is fascinating. But that’s just me. But I also really liked Make Believe.

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