Day-glo maps and the doors of mystery

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the last few weeks of TV (in my world, that’s Lost and 24) haven’t been too good. But this week, it’s a different story.

A much better episode of Lost than last week. I don’t know if that’s because of the people they chose to focus on, or because they showed a little more of the mysterious hatch of mystery, but I liked this episode.

My thoughts:

-Peggy Bundy’s back! She’s a great actress, but I feel bad, because she’ll always be Peggy Bundy.

-I guess Henry is the one who pissed in Jack’s cheerios this particular morning.

-The balloon reveal was real cool. Too bad the stinking previews ruined it.

-Was Locke listening to “Papa Loves Mambo” when he was on the exercycle?

-Yeah, crowbars are good for opening doors. But I think that particular set of doors may be a little hefty for a crowbar.

-Oh great- they’re having a celebrity poker challenge on the island. At least they’re using Dharma Brand Playing Cards.

-Was Locke inspecting a house for Sayid’s chick?

-At least Locke didn’t go through the door head first.

-I have a pair of crutches that I’m not going to be using in another week or so. Locke can have them if the price is right.

-When are they going to start selling Dharma brand Mac & Cheese in Kroger?

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