How can you not want to shoot Barry?

I don’t think it was a bad episode, but I didn’t like tonight’s episode of 24.

First of all, it was one of those transitional episodes. Secondly, it had the bureaucrats mobilizing for future action, which is never a good thing. Thirdly, the first lady of cleavage was wearing a turtle neck. That alone means the number of hits I get from people looking for pictures of Jean Smart’s cleavage will decrease dramatically unless I result to cheap tactics like this one.

-I hope Louis Lombardi got paid well for that drool shot.

-I liked the conflict between the red shirt and Lynn. If the red shirt was supposed to represent the “common man,” how could he hold back wanting to beat the crap out of him during their short time together.

-I almost liked Logan this episode- probably because he came close to admitting he was a putz.

-I think everyone in the conference room wanted to shoot Barry by the end of the hour.

-Is Tony alive? Dead? In a coma? Travelling through time?

-Speaking of Tony, last weekend I was watching re-runs of the final few episodes of Season/Day 2. During that day, Tony broke his ankle around midnight. But he’s off crutches and walking around (with a limp) just a few hours later. Why can’t I have Tony’s remarkable healing abilities?

I didn’t like the episode much, so that’s all I have to say.

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