It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Happy Opening Day!

The Yankees are starting out the season on the West Coast, with crappy weather. When they start seasons with these factors, they usually start slowly, but good things end up happening nonetheless. It’ll be an interesting season- and I’m glad. The off season takes too long.

Last night, I had the annual WrestleMania bash. The show was fun, and actually better than I expected. The triple threat match should have been the main event, but the best part of the show, for me, was Triple H losing his third WM main event in a row. Why they push him (other than the fact that he’s married to the boss’ daughter) is beyond me. The match was utterly horrible and HHH’s entrance was ridiculous, the guy is out of shape, can’t wrestle and needs to give up his obsession with Lemmy from Motorhead.

One interesting thing, during the Women’s title match, the crowd was cheering for the heel, the “obsessed fan.” The announcers played it off, saying they were performing in front of a “non-traditional crowd.” Four matches later, the crowd was cheering for Triple H, the heel, over the face champion Cena. The very same announcers said the crowd was reacting this way because it was a “traditional crowd.”

What, in between the matches, did all 20,000+ fans leave and they let another 20,000+ fans in the building? Geez! Anything can happen in the WWF!

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