Sleepover at Bill Buchanan’s house!!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The 12:00 a.m. and p.m. thing bugs me. It’s either noon or midnight.

Not-so-deep thoughts on this week’s 24:

Good episode. It wasn’t until the last 10 minutes that I noticed Jack was hardly in it. We know who, and pretty much why. The rest of the season should be a mixture of frustrating and interesting (frustinteresting?) as we watch Jack try and take down Logan. Because we all know it’s going to take another seven hours.

The thoughts, directly from my brain to the keyboard, to you:

-So was Logan supposed to be some evil genius all along (even dating back to last season), or is he falling ass-backwards into this mastermind role? My guess is that even though he’s a bumbling idiot, Heller’s “I was afaid” line kind of gives away that he had something like this planned all along.

-I can be quite sarcastic. If my boss were to ask me some stupid question like “where are we?” I’d answer with something like “Planet Earth, last time I checked.” I wish Hayes would have done the same. Logan deserves that at the very least.

-Reality check question #1: When did Jack call Bill?

-So Jack connects all the dots in the hangar. Was he taking some political science correspondence courses during his exile in Northern California?

-Give Heller another 30 pounds, a Boston accent and a bottle of whiskey in his hand, and all of a sudden, Ted Kennedy has joined the 24 cast. Still, regardless of the resemblance, Bill Devane owns this role.

-I didn’t see Heller’s heel turn coming, but I hope Jack made a copy of that recording.

–Reality check question #2: Doesn’t Chlöe know you’re supposed to hang up after five rings?

-So CTU is taken over by the Department of Homeland Security. Are they so territorial that they have to change the shirt color of the redshirts?

-For a badass terrorist, RoboCop has a pretty girly sounding ringtone.

-Who’s this? Wait…is that Mike Novick? He’s still alive? Now that I think about it, take away the steady job and about 20 years, and you have George Costanza.

-Gardner: “I can see this both ways.” I’d like to know which way BOB sees it. The more and more we see him this season, the more and more I hope Logan winds up wrapped in plastic.

-How in the world did Miles not notice Chlöe stealing his key card. I think you have to be hard of feeling not to feel that swipe.

-That scene between Heller and Logan was great. Stick those two in a cage and let them face off for the remainder of the day.

-Looks like this new James Bond theme officially belongs to Chlöe.

-I’m glad Buchanan is back. Wayne’s there, and Chlöe’s coming over. Looks like he’s having a big sleepover. Buchanan’s place looks cool, but I’m a bit sad that my prediction of his digs turned out totally wrong.

-So Jack and Audrey escape from the cell. I get that Jack had to get the recording from the guard. But why was Audrey sticking around? She had a car with unlimited access, couldn’t he have said “go to Buchanan’s sleepover and I’ll meet you there when this is taken care of?”

-I was wrong before about Jack not giving Heller a fake recording. He tossed something to Robocop, but I have a feeling he still hasn’t learned the art of the old switcheroo. Dude has a PDA that can self-destruct, but he can’t make one simple copy? I have a feeling CTU needs better purchasing agents.

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