Last Lost of the month

Normally, I’d be pissed about there not being a new Lost next week. But considering Alias is returning for its end run, I’m not too worried.

Upon seeing the preview for tonight’s episode focused on Rose and Bernard, I didn’t think this episode would be that good. But fortunately, for me, I was wrong. I enjoyed the episode, and I’m just amazed that the show can give this many good episodes with strong stories that don’t really come close to solving any mysteries.

Individual thoughts:

-Where in the world did Bernard grow up with strange food being dropped from the sky?

-So Locke’s trying to re-create the hidden map from the blast door. Too bad he can’t use the hatch computer, or he’d know that people have already solved the map. What it all means, on the other hand, is a different story.

-If Henry really wanted to be annoying, he’d just repeat everything back that Jack said to him.

-Did Bernard know Rose was an anti-dentite when he married her?

-Henry’s smile: creepy.

-I liked Eko laying the theological smackdown on Bernard. I also think Charlie’s “I like you just the way you are” was the line of the night.

-The preview (for this week) said “romantic sparks fly between Jack and Kate.” Yep, that incident in the net was the most romantic game of grabass I’ve ever seen.

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