Martha’s Got a Gun

The whole 20-minute delay on this week’s episode of 24 really messed up my viewing experience. Sure, I just had to subtract 20 minutes from the real time to get the episode time, but that’s too much thinking for me.

So we learn this hour that thanks to the head nod of doom, Bierko’s free and has a spare cannister of the gas (which acts quicker than ever). Meanwhile, the recording that has been the emphasis of the past five or so hours doesn’t work and this whole plan to bring down the president is non-existent.

As a viewer, this is the kind of thing that really pisses me off. I have a feeling (mostly from watching the previews) that they’ll still try and bring Logan down, but I don’t care about Bierko and the cannisters of death anymore. I’m sure I’m not the only person who wants to see Logan, Lobot and the rest of the headset gang brought down in the most expeditious manner possible. If it weren’t for the previews, I’d have no hope of that whatsoever–as I was thinking during the episode that they’d relegate that storyline for next season. And I’m just not that patient.

Still, the episode was good- and I don’t really have that many not-so-deep thoughts this week:

-I am very disappointed that Miles got away with just a choke and a slap. He really deserves a beatdown from everyone at CTU.

Dear 24 writers: If I had my way, next week, Jack and company would stop Bierko, right after he launched one missile. This single solitary missile would land right on Miles and kill him. It’s not too late to make this happen. Love, King Tom.

-Even though he’s tied up, Aaron can still deliever a beatdown on anyone. First, with the line “Is there anything else…Charles?”, and then with his takedown of the evil Secret Service agent. As much as I want Jack to wrap everything up this season, I think Aaron deserves to be the one to deliver justice to Logan.

-Speaking of the evil Secret Service agent, they should have brought back the half-man, half-ape from last season who was assigned to kill Jack for this season.

-“Bierko’s head on a plate” –that’ll be an interesting visual to end the season on.

-Was it me, or was the gas faster-acting this hour than in earlier episodes? Maybe they’ll have Sexual Harrassment Sherri come back for a final appearance to exposit how the gas spreads quicker because of the pressure in the early morning hours.

Going to be an interesting final two hours next week. Now if only those programming idiots over at ABC hadn’t scheduled the series finale of Alias right up against 24. [Jack Bauer Mode] Dammit!! [/Jack Bauer Mode]

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