Three Weekend Thoughts

Had a nice long weekend that wasn’t long enough. The following thoughts occurred to me (I had more thoughts than these, but these are the only ones I care to share for now):

-Went to a pool. For the first time in my life, I stayed in the pool during adult swim. It wasn’t the moment of triumph that I thought it would be when I was younger. Still, it was pretty fun to stay in the pool while all the little kids had to get out.

Saw two movies. I’ll write more on one of them (X3, or whatever they’re calling it) later. But I do have two questions about trailers I saw:

-This is the second time I’ve seen the trailer for Snakes on a Plane. Both times the audience laughed hysterically. Is this movie supposed to be intentionally funny?

-Also saw the trailer for Nacho Libre. I do plan on seeing this one. But doesn’t the title translate into “Free Chips”? Are they giving out free chips at every screening? If so, this could be the greatest marketing campaign ever.

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