Now that’s how you do a season finale

Damn you TV shows and your summer hiatuses
[shakes fist in the direction of Hawaii]

So I caught the season finale of Lost last night and damn am I impressed.

I didn’t watch the first season live. I caught it all on dvd a few weeks before this season began. Back in the first season, it was pretty apparent (at least to me) that they were going to end the season with the hatch.

But this season was different. Had no idea of how they were going to end it. And now that the season’s over, some questions are answered, but I’m left even more puzzled than before. Which, is a good thing.

I have some theories (they’re on an island of Homer Simpson worshippers) and questions (so is the magnet permanently shut off?), and while I’d like answers, I feel fine waiting. The show was that good.

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