Abundance of stupidity

How to win friends and influence people, RIAA style:

Step 1: Sue a bunch of random people on vague claims of copyright infringement.

Step 2: In the event that a defendant dies, file a motion for a 60-day extension in the case to give his or her family time to grieve.

Step 3: Out of a self-proclaimed “abundance of sensitivity,” drop the case.

Sometimes it feels like the recording industry is a goldmine for bad karma. As if past actions such as:

-suing customers
-abusing their copyright rights
-denying artists their creative rights
-keeping artists tied to unconsciable contracts
-and promoting crappy music nonstop at the expense of good music

weren’t enough, they go and do something like this. I suppose out of my own personal “abundance of sensitivity,” I should congratulate them for dropping the case, but I’m not a sensitive person.

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