Waiting and waiting

For someone who’s been called an “obnixous Yankees fan,” I really don’t write much about baseball.

Well, I don’t know how much this post will be about actual baseball, but I can try.

One thing that really bugs me is off days. Nevermind the whole bunch of off-days between October and February. But this year, it feels like the Yankees have been hit with off days at the most inopportune times. First, there was the Thursday after the All Star game. Four days without a Yankees game. And the second one that comes to mind is obviously yesterday. The day of the trading deadline, right after the Yankees made a great trade, I have to wait to see the team in action.

It just doesn’t feel right.

I suppose I could have turned on the TV last night and watch some other team (which I did for a while), but it isn’t the same. I pay to let MLB kick my ass subscribe to the extra innings package on cable, and forgive me for being a Yankees snob, but all of the Fox regional sports broadcasts are unwatchable. You have the endless promos, the random local celebrities in the broadcast booth for an inning or two, and the in-the-stands reporter talking about anything but the game. I don’t know if it’s me, but it feels like YES doesn’t do that–or as much as the Fox clones do. Either way, I think it’s easier to watch your favorite team from the home team broadcasters, rather than the opposing team, or even a national broadcaster (and don’t get me started on Jon Miller and his over-enunciation of ethnic names).

So tonight, I’m just going to kick back, turn on the extra innings, and hope that they’re showing the YES feed. Otherwise, it could be a long night.

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