After three months

For a few reasons, I don’t expect this entry on the Lost season premiere to be that long.

First of all, I’m a bit out of blogging practice (see next entry). Secondly, while I enjoyed tonight’s episode, other than the first few minutes, I have no clue what happened.

We know Sawyer, Jack and Kate are all right. Well, actually, we know they’re not dead.

We know that Jack’s cheating wife wasn’t getting it on with his father.

Jack’s father may still be dead. Or alive.

We know that Sawyer isn’t smarter than the average bear.

We can deduce that Henry Gale (Ben?) and Juliet (the woman manipulating Jack) were an item at one time.

And it appears that Kate has the sickness, Jack doesn’t, and as for Sawyer, who knows?

Other than that, I know nothing. They really didn’t answer any of the ‘big questions,’ but I’m a sucker, because this episode had me hooked.

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