Guess Who’s Back

So I have the Internet again and power has been restored to the Kingdom.

It’s been an entertaining past two weeks. Got married and moved.

The wedding was great. Everyone had a great time.

The move is over. I’m slowly getting used to a brand new version of everyday life which I like better than the previous everyday.

And the new place is fun.

Although, today, there was some extreme severe weather in central Ohio. I’m talking about huge hailstones, thunder and lightning and possible tornadoes.

As the tornado sirens were going off, the Civee and I tuned into one of the local news stations to get the scoop. The meteorologist was going over the warning, and listed only one street in all of Columbus in the tornadoes’ path: West Sixth Avenue.

I now live on West Sixth Avenue.

Like I said, it’s been an entertaining two weeks.

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