Bonus Pockets

Because it’s getting colder, I’ve started wearing my winter coat.

The last time I wore it was probably in March or April. The coat has a buttload of pockets-I’m constantly finding new pockets and losing things in them (in fact, I almost lost an engagement ring at a critical moment thanks to the abundance of pockets).

So as I was wearing my coat, I started going through the pockets and was amazed by what I found:

-A brochure from St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York (from a trip in November ’04)
-A lunch receipt from February 2005
-A UPS shipping receipt from January 2006
-A ticket to an OmniMax movie (Forces of Nature)
-A ticket to a chick flick the Civee wanted to see (I’d rather not say the title)
-Three cough drops
-An instruction book for a Swiss Army Knife
-A valet parking receipt (never redeemed) from when I drove myself to the hospital barefoot after breaking my ankle
And best of all:
-A weezer bumper sticker


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