Thanks for the reminder, Benry!

Just like last week, severe weather hit Columbus the same night as Lost. But unlike last week, we didn’t have color-coded weather maps clogging up the screen.

It’s nice to have new episodes of Lost. I liked last week’s episode, but aside from the flashbacks, I liked this week’s episode better. I’m not sure what I learned, but I know I learned something.

The biggest lesson in this episode is that Sun’s a lying tramp. That’s not really new, as it was hinted at in past seasons, but it was hammered home tonight. I’m glad the flashbacks moved away from her and toward Jin. Right now, Sun is the least interesting character to me, and I wasn’t really looking forward to an episode featuring her. Still, the episode went in the opposite direction, while not even approaching the main camp of survivors.

Some random thoughts:

-Benry’s little video room looked like the Pearl. I’m sure the resemblance is intentional.

-So the Others have dropped the redneck routine. I don’t know, I kind of liked them as barefoot hillbillies. We never figured out the whole thing with the whispers and not leaving tracks and carrying around teddy bears bound by ropes, but there’s still time.

-What’s with the canopy covering the walking areas of the Hydra?

-I did NOT see Sun and the Korean Kojak getting it on. I could have sworn last season that Kojak played for the other team.

-Looks like Sayid is out of greiving the blonde’s death mode and into warrior mode. Good move for the character.

-Until he showed his soft side, Sawyer kicked some Other ass during the attempted chaingang jailbreak.

-I think Jin should let the hotel valets park his car next time.

-I don’t speak Korean, but I’m pretty sure that after Sun jumped in the water, Jin was shouting “Marco!” and she was shouting “Polo.”

-The Benry/Jack scene was great. I’m going to have to watch that again. But I don’t appreciate the reminder of what happened during the 2004 ALCS and World Series.

-Did the Others call Bud Selig to get express written consent of Major League Baseball to show that clip to Jack?

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