One night, two beatdowns for Sawyer

Tonight, Lost viewers saw something special: the first Sawyer flashback that didn’t make him look like a complete jackass.

Right now, it feels like this season is moving along very slowly. I can’t say that they’ve given any answers- all you see is Jack, Kate and Sawyer being held captive and occasionally beaten, without even seeing an explanation from the Others’ point of view.

But the thing is, I like these episodes, even if the overall flow is a bit stagnant. I feel bad for Sawyer, expecially after getting the crap kicked out of him by Benry, and then again by Pickett. But at least he won the fight in the flashback.

Two interesting things I think I heard in random chatter:
-The others have a “sub”–I’m hoping that’s the underater conveyance, not the style of sandwich.
-Stuff stopped working when the “sky turned purple.”

Other thoughts:
-Desmond is back in camp with the losties. Now that I think about it, this is his first exposure to a large group of people in a few years. At least he put some clothes on.

-And Desmond is still psychic. Why can’t he just sit back, focus, and just find out when they’ll get off the island?

-Jack gets to watch Woody Woodpecker cartoons in broadcast-quality Beta. You think he wouldn’t have much to complain about. But it’s kind of funny watching him play the role of Henry Gale. Seems like the mind games are working on Juliet.

-Every time I’ve seen the warden in something, he’s always played the crooked cop role.

-Shouldn’t Jack have put on some OR scrubs on before operating on the soon-to-be dead girl? Of course, that reminds me of this exchange from Rushmore:

Max Fischer: I like your nurse’s uniform, guy.
Dr. Peter Flynn: These are O.R. scrubs.
Max Fischer: Oh, are they?

Come to think of it, Jack does look kinda like Luke Wilson.

-I really don’t think Pickett (or any of the Others) get to complain about the woman dying. I mean, if they hadn’t tried kidnapping, babynapping, and murdering the losties, then maybe there would be some more understanding on the island.

-So the reason the Others captured Jack so was that he’d operate on Benry’s spinal tumor. That makes sense. But Benry likes to terrorize bunnies. No surgery for you!

-So there are two islands. One big island, which I’m guessing, in addition to the plane crash, also is home to the Others. The little island has the Hyrda station, dig site and maybe the mysterious barracks.

-Looks like next week we finally get to find out who lost their glass eye in the Arrow.

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