The Man Comes Around

Hard to believe, but the first half of this season of Lost is almost over.

When I heard this was going to be a Locke flashback episode, I thought we were going to find out how he ended up in a wheelchair.

No dice.

But this story was pretty cool- and it establishes that he is friends with multiple rock stars–first Charlie, and now we learned that he befriended Billie Joe Armstrong while living on a drug harvesting commune.

It was also nice to see the one with nature, hunter Locke back. Even if the flashback proves this wasn’t who he was in his previous life, as someone said during the first season, everyone gets a fresh start on the island.

I also noticed another positive trend this season: people telling other people what is going on. You have Hurley telling Locke and Charlie about the trip to the other end of the island. You have naked Desmond telling Hurley about the hatch implosion. This information sharing may help them survive after all.

other random thoughts:

-Seeing Jerry Springer in a bullfighter outfit almost ruined my night.

-If I was Locke after just waking up, I wouldn’t want to shout out to a naked Desmond either.

-The Polar Bears are back! (At least it’s not an island Polar Bear Club). That was one huge freaking cave by the way. Too bad that’s where the Pearl station workers ended up.

-You think the hippies would have run a background check on Officer Billie Joe Armstrong a little sooner than six weeks.

-Eko had some awesome acting this episode. Of course, his whole ordeal reminded me of Luke Skywalker in the Wampa’s cave.

-After seeing the action back at the camp, I’m not sure I’m that keen on returning to Other-ville so quickly.

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