Revenge of the Big Umbrella Posse

I used to be one of those little umbrella people.

Whenever it would rain, I’d have a compact umbrella handy for the four-plus block walk from the parking lot through other parking lots to the building I work in.

My last umbrella was the Ultimate Umbrella from Eddie Bauer, which proved to be anything but ultimate. A not-so-strong gust of wind bent the umbrella’s stem at a 90-degree angle my first day of using it.

Last month ago, in the wake of the wedding, I got a bonus wedding present from my father: a big umbrella (okay, he left it in the back of my car).

I have to say, it’s amazing walking around with this thing. It’s like I have my own eco-system. And unlike Eddie Bauer’s ultimate umbrella, this thing won’t break because of a little whisper of wind.

But if it was Jack Bauer’s ultimate umbrella, it would not just repel rain, but it would also blow up random bad guys at will.

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