And then there was Bernard

So I didn’t see that coming.

Eko’s dead. I’m somewhat bummed, but still hooked on Lost.

I thought the last however-many minutes of tonight’s episode were great- including the discovery of Eyepatch in some other hatch, Juliet’s little Waynes’ World trick with Jack, and yes, the smoke monster laying the smackdown on Eko.

Last season, Eko was one of my favorite characters- and I think he still had room to grow. Disposing of him shifts more focus to Locke, and, I think makes Locke a stronger character. But I still have questions about Eko: What was his purpose on the island? To bring Locke to the Pearl? And why was he on the plane to begin with? Will no one else (other than Locke) see or encounter the smoke monster ever again? And why did Locke say the monster was bright, but Eko saw it as smoke?

And they’re next…next for what?

I better stop with the questions, lest I become one of those people who obsesses too much about Lost.

I did solve one mystery, though. The Others, they’re the Movementarians. That would fit right in with Benry being the Leader.

Other random episode thoughts:

-Benry: “I was thinking you might join me for a walk.” You know, I can see Benry’s personal ad:

Recently divorced SWM, enjoys torturing bunnies seeks non-Latina SF for literary discourse and long walks on the beach. Not looking for LTR.

Hey, the Others could have a weekly paper. I bet Ms. Klugh’s the personals editor.

-Nice to see Eko’s recovered from the polar bear mauling.

-And I know I mentioned it earlier this season, but it’s nice to see island people actually communicating. And after seeing Locke’s little remark about how he wasn’t Jack and was into bringing people along on his little treks, I think the losties are learning to act more like a community.

-Didn’t see any evidence of Desmond’s psychic skills tonight.

-I think Eko’s cheating on the Jesus stick.

-Benry seemed weak this episode. His scenes with Jack were great, but I don’t know if I like the kinder, gentler Benry.

-Last season: Benry: “God can’t see this island.”
-This season: Benry: “Do you believe in God?”
Quite a difference a few days makes.

-Leave it to the new guy to find the can in the new hatch.

-I liked Eko’s smackdown in the church and later non-fession. But the recital of the Psalm right before smokey’s attack showed he still believed something. My question (and I know I said I’d stop for the night): So was Yemi (or the monster) the island talking to him?

-Bernard’s the only tail section survivor left. I don’t think he has long to live.

Great episode, and I’m sure I have more to say, but in the words of Locke: “I’m gonna have to watch that again.”

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