Videos for nothing, Clips for free

After looking promising, the prospects for the concept of “music television” are bleak again, especially if you live in Columbus.

Actually, it’s been a few months coming, as my one-time favorite channel VH1 Classic has resorted to playing Flashdance 15 times a week.

But the straw that broke the camel’s back was the recent decision by the Columbus Fox affiliate to drop The Tube as it’s secondary digital channel. Apparently, the move was made because The Tube didn’t meet some new FCC requirement where all digital secondary channels had to carry the Emergency Broadcast System and carry three hours of educational hours per week.

Now, if I want random music videos on in the background, I have to either watch VH1 Classic the three hours a day they aren’t playing a documentary about Metallica or tune into MTV before the crack of dawn.

Thanks, FCC!

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