Jack’s Sixth Day

Today begins the sixth longest (in no particular order) day of Jack Bauer’s life.

Two things were different for me with this season premiere of 24. For all the years I’ve been watching the show, this is the first time I’ve seen a season opener live. Also, it’s the first time I’ve seen the show in HD, which, I have to admit is nice.

I’m glad FOX is continuing with airing the first two hours one night with the second two the following night. It spoils viewers for the rest of the season, but it also starts things off nicely for those of us who have gone seven months without a new episode of 24. While it was seven months for us, I bet it felt longer for those stuck in a Chinese prison.

So here we are, terrorists have been blowing things up for the last few weeks and a grown-up Wayne Palmer is now president. It’s different being in the middle of the attacks, but it feels like the administration and CTU know about as much as viewers do about who’s behind the attacks and why. It’s a nice change of convention for the show. And at the risk of sounding morbid, I’m a bit surprised these smaller-style terrorist attacks haven’t already happened here in the United States.

Anyways, on to the show:

-I think the random Middle Eastern dude ended up being glad he wasn’t let on that bus.

-The Civee says the president’s weasley male advisor (Tom-something or other, played by the bad guy from Ghostbusters II) reminds her in both voice and appearance of Ohio’s new U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown. And I think she’s right.

-Where has Milo been the last five years? Maybe he was just on the CTU nightshift or backup teams that was never called in during the primary phase of terror response.

-I am glad Morris is back. But I guess in England it’s appropriate to play grabass smack dab in the middle of the office.

-Who’s idea was it to give the terrorists access to CTU satellite and computer data?

-It’s great to see Jack back. I understand that he’s feeling the effects of whatever the Chinese did to him. I accept the fact that Jack is a changed man. But what is the deal with the buttoned top button?

-This marks the fourth season in a row we’ve had a clueless putzy teen in the season opener (not counting Kim Bauer).

-How did the terrorsists know 1)Jack was still alive? 2)In the custody of the Chinese?

-I guess Jack learned how to tear out someone’s trachea with one’s teeth in the Chinese prison (take a bite out of crime, kids!). Jack Bauer killed someone in less than an hour after being back from China. All is right with the world.

-My cell phone can’t do that whole latitude-longitude thing. But really, how many people (other than sea captains and pilots) give directons by latitude and longitude?

-Who leaves their nice new cell phone in a crappy car under a bridge like that? And right out in the open?

-Jack is using a purloined cell phone. If I wrote the show, for the next few hours, I’d have random people calling him, looking for Bob, or whoever, at the most inappropriate times. Then, when Jack really really needs to call into CTU, Bob will have realized his cell phone was missing and will have called to have it deactivated. But I have a feeling that won’t be happening.

-So there’s a Palmer sister. No good can come of this.

-The first sister’s boyfriend/co-worker/boss looked to be about 20 years older than her.

-How can you just delete personnel files? Suppose there’s a snow emergency and you need to activate the phone tree? All those people will be screwed.

-So terror teen is all pissy because putzy teen can’t pronounce his name. This kid has neighbors on one side of the street who hate him and neighbors on the other side who defend him. I think his anger is misplaced.

-Loved Jack’s use of the suicide bomber’s necktie. Jack really doesn’t appear to me to be out of shape.

See you tomorrow. Don’t forget, it’s Talk like Jack Bauer day. Feel free to add “Drop the coffee!” to the usual list of catchphrases.

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