Jack Loses It

I thought tonight’s episode of 24 was far better than last week’s.  While last week we got Graeme’s plot revelation, this week had much more Jack as well as other revelations and plot advancement.  I don’t have that many dumb comments or stupid questions, but here goes:

-Why can’t a president on 24 for once surround himself (or herself) with good people who aren’t trying to undermine their every move?  Alternative views are necessary, but the VP (who I could swear Wayne called “Melon”) gives off an evil vibe, not to mention the forced resignation Tom pulled on Karen.  Don’t these people take some kind of oath or something?

-I was disappointed that after getting off the phone with Karen, Bill didn’t call up his sleepover buddy Wayne personally.

-I’m still figure out whether it’s supposed to be Gray, Graham or Graeme.  But I guess after this week, I won’t need to worry about it anymore.

-I’m sure Jack knows the rules of torture.  But are you really supposed to hug someone you’re torturing?  I think that kinds of degrades the whole “I’m going to do whatever it takes to get this information out of you” vibe the torturer is supposed to give off.

-Loved the whole Graeme is the mastermind of Day 5 reveal.  Loved even more Jack’s reaction.  I would hope that the CTU people listening at least understood why Jack cracked the way he did.

-Don’t know how I feel about the father being evil.  But Jack’s family is sure messed up.  I almost expect them to cast Lena Olin (in Irina Derevko mode) as Jack and G. Bauer’s mother.

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