Regaining Momentum

Anyone remember that show about a bunch of people stranded on an island and there were all these weird things going on, like a hatch and a smoke monster and some crazy cultist rednecks trying to kill them?

Well, I hope so, because Lost is back.

And I’m glad.  While I like the prospect of the 16 (or however many) back-to-back episodes, this break was a killer.  Maybe next year they should take the 24 route and just start the season in January.

I thought tonight’s episode was good, and I’m sure I missed a bunch of easter eggs and other assorted clues, but it felt like it flew. 

 I’m glad they’re done with the surgery sub-plot, as I think Ben is creepy, and tonight’s awake-while-knocked-out-for-surgery Ben scared the crap out of me.  Still, I hope that coercing Jack into performing this surgery wasn’t the only reason the show had for introducing and using the Others.  I hope not.

One other thing about the surgery: that hour must’ve been a long time.  If I were Jack, I would have been asking some questions and demanding some answers.  The only time we got anything (when OtherTom was talking about the sky going purple), he got interrupted and never finished saying what he was going to.

I’m also glad that it looks like this second island business is done with.  It’s interesting, but let’s get back to the gang on the beach. 

Some other thoughts:

-The previouslies were just superfluous.  ABC showed a freakin’ clip show (which ended with the clips shown in the previouslies) right before the show.  And is it me, or has Lost had almost as many clip shows as original episodes?

-Ethan is creepy.  Not as creepy as Ben.  Maybe like 0.5 Ben on the creepy scale.  Still, he had what, two lines this whole episode?

-When Kate said she’d shoot that guy in the knee, the first thing I thought was that they were getting episodes of 24 in those cells she’s been spending the past few weeks in.

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