‘Tis the season of treason

Thank you, FOX, for putting on two-hours of 24 tonight.

And an extra special thank you to my usually-worthless FOX affiliate for not messing up the episode by running any weather warnings whatsoever despite the storm of the century being just hours away.

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again: can anyone on the president’s staff be loyal?  There’s something that’s bugging me about this season, and I think that’s it- that everyone in the president’s inner circle is against him.  And it just echoes what we’ve seen in past seasons- the Sherri/David struggles in Day 1, the enactment of the 25th Amendment in Day 2, the creepy VP in Day 5, and the list goes on.  For once, I’d like to see a president do some worthwhile background checks on his staff to weed out the traitors.

But I’m sure doing so would take out some of the drama of the story.  Well, then, they’d have to focus more time on the adventures of Jack Bauer.  Which I’d have no problem with.

Some random stupid thoughts about tonight’s extravaganza of Bauer:

-How did McCarthy’s girl become this awesome getaway driver? 

-And shouldn’t the roads have been a little more crowded, with a nuclear bomb going off a few hours ago?  I would’ve thought those freeways would have been packed. 

-While McCarthy was trying to hotwire the car, Morris was in the backseat of the sportscar trying to charm the girlfriend.  And it was nice to see him finally put that charm to use on someone other than Chloe.

-Earlier in the day, I was thinking that Morris had a nice shirt.  It was more stylish than anything we’d seen anyone wear in CTU.  So I guess it was nice that Assad (or Fayed, I can’t tell their names apart) took the shirt off before drilling a hole in his back.  Of course, Morris shows up with a similar shirt after his return to CTU.  Which makes me ask- does he have a stash of shirts in his desk drawer or something?

-The bomb that Jack disarmed had to have been the most complicated bomb ever.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything with that many moving parts outside of some Rube Goldberg invention.

-Nice to see Sherrod Brown and Rob Lowe’s brother can have a secret meeting in an electrical closet in the White House basement.  I’m sure the command bunker is full of unsecured doors for just such a purpose.

-I was thinking that Darth Bauer was going to spend some time being a mole at CTU, but I think he was smart to get out of there.  After all, you can’t be an effective mole if you’re eight feet tall.

-So Himberly Bauer (or whatever Darth Bauer’s grandson’s name is) was kidnapped.  Yep, he’s a teenage Bauer.

-The ending of hour two tonight surprised me.  I was laughing at Milo rocking the covert ice cream truck till he had to blow it up.  For some reason, I was expecting him to turn evil (giving access to Nadia, letting Morris know about his brother), but was surprised to see him actually come through in the clutch with some nice driving and shooting near the end. 

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