Big Mister Sunshine

Last week’s episode of Lost revealed some shocking truths. After hearing that this week would be about Hurley, I was hoping that it would reveal why Hugo’s nickname is ‘Hurley.’ That’s actually something I care about finding out more than how Jack got his tatoos.

Anyways, I thought tonight’s episode with a return to the beach and a more lighter tale was great. Things look like they’re shaping up nicely for the next few weeks. Looks like we finally might get some answers (Even if I’m now wondering what this VW bus was doing out in the middle of the island).

Just a few thoughts:

-For some reason, when the meteor/asteroid hit Mr. Cluck’s, I couldn’t stop laughing. Part of the reason was because I felt the reporter deserved it.

-The only frustrating thing about this episode was ‘Roger’ was surrounded by papers with what looked to be a lot of writing on them. And other than Sawyer holding up a map, no one looked curious to see what the papers said.

-When are they going to tell Sawyer and Kate that the hatch blew up?

-The end of the episode- well at least the ride in the bus with the guys looked fun. And as a viewer, it felt fun. I just hope Hurley doesn’t have to walk back to the beach all by himself.

Your thoughts?

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