King Tom’s Goin’ To WrestleMania!

I’ve been to a final game of the Stanley Cup Finals.

I’ve also been to the final game of a World’s Series.

In keeping with that theme, this Sunday, I’m going to WrestleMania.

My friend Ryan, who lives in the Motor City, procured tickets to the big event. I’ve been to a number of WWF live events before, including one of the worst pay-per-views ever, but I’m really pumped about going to a WrestleMania. Of course, this year’s King Tom’s Annual WrestleMania Bash ™ was re-scheduled for the Royal Rumble, but why host a pay-per-view event when I’ll be there in person?

My one wish that when all is said and done, Sunday’s show doesn’t go down in history as one of the worst WrestleManias. Some of my favorite wrestlers (Jericho, Rock) aren’t affiliated with the federation anymore, and Stone Cold Steve Austin, who’s refereeing a match, isn’t actively wrestling. Chris Benoit is stuck in a match with a jabroni. And there aren’t that many matches on the card.

But there are some positives. Useless Triple H isn’t involved. There’s no blindfold match. There’s really no bad guy expected to win the main event. And even if that does happen, Hulk Hogan isn’t expected to come out of nowhere and hog the spotlight in the main event.

I’m looking forward to it. I just hope I make it back home in time for Opening Day.

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