The flame goes up in smoke

Well, that was an interesting un-mystical-flavored mysteries of mystery frickin’ island episode.

I really feel like I don’t have much to say about tonight’s episode of Lost. Kind of a shame that they built that set for the Flame and only used it in one episode, but were they really going to give the Lostaways a potential shelter with cows, satellite TV and an iced tea machine?

Probably not.

I appreciated the kind-of-answers we got, even if Patchy wasn’t telling the whole truth.

Locke exploring the island is good.

Locke playing with computers is bad.

I at least hope that Sayid stole one of those Dharma Operations binders before the house blew up.

Two questions:
-In the video of Dr. Candle that played on the computer, it looked like he was in front of that shelf in the basement with all the binders. So does that mean, at one point, that he was on the island.

-About the cat- was it an actual cat, or was it the monster?

And by the way, Sawyer’s “who the hell are you?” = line of the season.

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