What was Jack thinking?

This is probably the most painful thing I’ve ever had to say. It’s a tough realization, and just the fact that it’s right tears away at the fabric of our universe:

Jack Bauer did something stupid.

I can’t believe he let the Russians get the drop on him like that, especially without at least calling in to CTU first.

I was thinking that while Jack was questioning the Russian consul, he had some type of listening device planted or had CTU on speakerphone, but no. He had broken into the place by busting out some Russian, then questions the guy, cuts off one of his pinkies, and then walks toward the door like he’s just going to walk straight out of the counsulate. Nevermind the fact that he had a shouting exchange with the security team outside the door, he just walked away like nothing would happen. This is not the same Jack Bauer that held up a convenience store just to slow down a terrorist.

Jack Bauer, you have disappointed me. I can forgive you, but I will remember tonight.

I really only have three other thoughts about tonight’s episode, aside from the screaming pulse of disappointment ravaging my brain:

-The star of tonight’s episode (almost by default) is definitely Logan. He’s a totally different character than we’ve seen him in the past two seasons through making up for his past sins (or giving the facade of attempting to) by being the opposite of everything he was before.

-I actually was proud of Tom for turning Chad and the other guy in to the Secret Service. That moment alone almost made the whole storyline worth it.

-And was it me, or did the VP have a fruit basket on his desk in the airplane? It was behind his monitor, and it was a bit distracting.

Also distracting tonight: Jack being an idiot.

I’ll cease being bitter next week.

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