What’s In The Box?

Was it me, or was anyone else’s sound messed-up during tonight’s episode of Lost? During the first half of the episode, there was this weird echo (not an Eko) every few seconds. It sounded pretty neat with the soundtrack and music bits, but for the voices, it was really annoying. It was even happening during the commercials, and just on the ABC station. So I’m guessing it was my lousy local ABC affiliate, which wouldn’t surprise me, because they mess things up on a regular basis.

On to the episode!

-So Locke was clinically depressed after getting kicked out of the commune? Just when you think his pre-island life couldn’t get any more lame, something like this comes along. Although (up till the end of this episode) I was thinking that there are a few survivors, Locke being the most prominent, who would never want to leave the island. But I kind of think that was the point of tonight’s episode.

-What good is that fancy invisible fence security system if it can’t alert the Others of a security breach? Maybe they just got tired of sending out a cleaning crew every time a bird flew into the thing.

-That was nice of them to give Jack his own little bungalow.

-I was surprised that Ben had a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed. Even more surprised it didn’t have a DHARMA logo on the side (but I was happy to see that the food in his refrigerator did).

-Why is it that every time someone on this island asks “why…” (“why are you here?” “why don’t you want to leave the island?”) the answer is always “you wouldn’t understand”? Is it that hard to take a few minutes and just talk through the answer? Or in addition to healing tumors and spine problems, does the island also have the mysterious power of making people unable to explain things in a coherent fashion?

-I’m sorry that Sayid got beat up, but as a viewer, it was totally worth it to have someone finally say something to her about her mother.

-The Ben/Locke scenes were great. Especially the lines “We have a pair of hamsters running on a giant wheel in our underground secret lair,” and “you better hope it can make you another submarine.”

-Dear Lost Producers:
Can we have a whole season of Locke and Ben? Thanks.
Stay Classy,
King Tom

-I’m moving all my phones away from the window.

-Sure, I’m interesting in finding out how Locke survived an eight-story fall, but I’m more interested in finding out how his geriatric father gave him a spear that makes Edge’s look lame. I was surprised daddy Locke didn’t at least break that bottle of burbon over his head first.

-I liked the reveal at the end, even if it was telegraphed a little. Unfortuantely, I don’t think they’re going back to Locke and daddy Locke until two weeks from now.

-Say it with me, class: Ben is evil.

Your thoughts?

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5 thoughts on “What’s In The Box?

  1. My sound was jacked up, too. I thought it was just my digital cable, so after the second commercial i reset the cable box. It was fine after that, but maybe that was just a coincidence.

    I agree that they should do more Locke and Ben episodes. They interact so well together.

    I seriously hope they tell us how they got Papa Locke there. If they have no communication with the outside world, then there’s something on the Island that makes that stuff happen; I think that’s scarier than knowing they could at one time talk with people on a mainland somewhere.

    And, yeah, why would they put that invisible fence around the communication compound, but not where they live??

  2. The sound was fine in my hotel room. I knew papa Locke was going to be there, but still it was a shock when they opened the door. I also agree that they need more Locke/Ben scenes, they have a great creepy vibe that I can’t get enough off.

  3. Well of course, J-Dog, TV is perfect in NJ.

    I thought the invisible fence was around the Other’s village, no the flame.

    And I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who wants more Locke/Ben scenes. Maybe the two of them should star in a buddy comedy.

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