It’s Eight O’Clock. Do you know where Jack Bauer is?

Wasn’t it sometime in the past few weeks (or, for that matter, multiple times in the last few weeks) that I said a certain episode of 24 didn’t have enough Jack?

Well, now it’s getting ridiculous. Tonight’s episode of 24 (a very late-feeling 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.) had what had to be, at most, 15 minutes of Jack sandwiched in between CTU drama and White House bunker drama.

At least this episode had Jack flying into Bauer-rage, even if it was after hearing the news of Audrey’s death (although the King wants to know why make her death that prominent if she’s really dead). Of course, that probably means that he’ll go rogue trying to take on a billion Chinese, while Ricky Schroeder and the rest of CTU play chase the nuke. Of course, knowing it’s Jack, he’ll take care of the Chinese then step in with 15 minutes left on the season to clean up any mess CTU may have gotten itself into.

But back to tonight’s episode.

-I thought the Chloe as breathalyzer scene was classic Chloe, even if it involved Milo looking on like some horrific car crash was happening in slo-mo right on the CTU floor.

-I guess that’s the last of Martha/Aaron and Chuck Logan- not one mention of them during the previouslies or the episode itself.

-They’re doing a good job of making the VP as psychopathic as any villan the show has ever had. Although he was all huffy about the nuke exploding on American soil. But if it detonates at 500 feet (which was the original plan), then he doesn’t have anything to worry about, right?

-I really didn’t want to see the Palmer sister back this week. But she didn’t have any speaking lines, so bonus. Of course, there’s always next week.

-When he was piloting the drone, I thought Jack displayed exceptional hand-eye coordination for someone who was in a Chinese prison for the last two-or-three years.

One last thing for this week, and that’s a note to the producers: You have this character on the 24, Jack-something-or-other. Try using him once in a while.

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