Now, we’re gonna have some fun.

After three-plus weeks of boring plotlines, next-to-no action and an overall lack of Bauer, the 24 we all know and love has returned.

With Jack going a mixture of Rambo and Indiana Jones, as well as one of the best villain deaths the show has ever shown, this hour more than made up for the past few lackluster episodes.

Even though I’m still holding out hope that Wayne Palmer develops some super powers (hey, the way he was twitching, he could turn into the Incredible Hulk), I even like what they did in the White House bunker this episode. Maybe that’s because they didn’t recycle plotlines from previous seasons and kept the presidential scenes secondary tonight. I was amazed that Jack got at least five minutes of screen time in the first block of the show.

The only drawback to tonight’s episode was the armored car entering the tunnel. Maybe it’s also residual Alias plotlines going through my mind, but nothing good can happen when a car being followed enters a tunnel.

And while not a negative, I just knew something was going to happen once Doyle’s phone rang during the final scene. Guess we know where the rest of this season is headed.

And as for Fayed, well, he’ll still be hanging around.

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