So…more questions

[sarcasm on] I love it when an episode of Lost answers something, but introduces about ten more questions that need to be answered. [/sarcasm off]

At least this week’s episode returned to the more pressing island issues- the fate of those who were captured by the Others. But if you missed the last five seconds of the episode two weeks ago, you wouldn’t feel like you’re missing anything.

Instead, I’m wondering what happened between Locke and his father. And I’m sure I’m not the only person.

Also- where in the world are the Others going if they’re deserting their little village?

Did Juliet get left behind on purpose or because she killed Pickett?

Did Desmond have to make sure Charlie’s boar was thoroughly cooked?

To quote Kate, “Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what in the hell is going on”

Well, now we know the Others didn’t create the monster.

What made this episode for me, was the Hurley and Sawyer bits. And the effect that had on Sawyer’s interaction with everyone else. Although I don’t think Sawyer’s going to be the island President for very long, it’s nice to see his character changing somewhat.

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