It was thirty years ago today

I was a few months away from being born, so I can only rely on second-hand information, but on May 25, 1977, Star Wars premiered. To this day, it remains my favorite movie.

It was one of the earliest movies I remember seeing. And it’s also one of the earliest media influences that I remember having. My father took me to see the original (and Episodes 5 & 6) in the theaters countless times, and for that, he deserves some type of medal.

Even after they were out of the theaters, I kept watching the movies over and over again (to the point of wearing out the one VHS copy that I had of Episode 4). Growing up, I remained faithful to the franchise, knowing that one day, more Star Wars movies would hit the big screens.

And eventually they did. And while the quality on one of them was lacking, I enjoyed the experience.

I’d consider myself a Star Wars geek. While I (outside of Halloween) have never dressed up as a Star Wars character, I’ve seen four out of the six movies on opening night (the last two at their respective midnight showings, and for Episode 3, twice (back-to-back) on opening night). And, in one of my most fun experiences of fandom, I even attended a Star Wars convention.

So, I’d like to thank George Lucas for all the memories. And while I don’t expect more movies down the road, it’s nice to know I can always go back to the original.

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