King Tom cooks with fire

Monday, on a whim, the Civee and I purchased a grill. We got a charcoal Weber-wanna-be. I figured if I was going to burn down the neighborhood, I might as well not do it with a lot of extra gas attached to the grill.

We’ve used the grill twice so far. Yesterday, with Iron Mike as our guest, we made turkeyburgers. Today, we made chicken. Both came out pretty good. Even though I’ve only grilled on my own twice in my life, I know the following:

    Fires can take a while to start.
    Don’t put lighter fluid on a burning fire (or don’t put a lot of lighter fluid on a burning fire).
    If the food’s on fire, it can still be okay (just as long as you don’t let it be en fuego for long).

That’s all I have. A few years ago, djl and I considered going halfsies on a ton of coal we saw advertised for $57/ton. I wonder if, in the long run, that deal would still save money.

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