That wasn't the kind of "Cliffhanger" I had in mind

Day six of 24 is over.

And I’m glad.

What started out with so much promise slowly degenerated into just another television show. This season, the focus of the show moved away from Jack and the show really suffered. It got to the point where while it still was better than most of what else was on television, but not the same 24 that I would pause my life (and yell at friends and family who dared call during the show) to watch.

Anyway, about the final two hours of today:

The best part about the two hours to end the day were definitely Jack and Buchanan teaming up and the assault on the oil rig. For some reason, Jack going rogue never gets old, even if Buchanan has to return to the field to help him escape custody. I also appreciated the shout-out to the Jack-Sack when Jack and Bill were gearing up for the showdown and the double manpurses they got from the CTU truck.

I was disappointed in the scenes with Special Agent Ricky Schroeder and Himberly Bauer. I expected one of the following:
-Special Agent Ricky going on a long monologue about how the kid will grow up to look just like him.
-A plan where Special Agent Ricky took the kid’s place. They’re both blonde, of the same height (okay, I’m guessing on that one), it could have worked!

And needless to say, the ending was really disappointing. I have nothing to offer, except this haiku:

Jack’s at a crossroads
Let the next day be better
Audrey don’t wake up.

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4 thoughts on “That wasn't the kind of "Cliffhanger" I had in mind

  1. Worst. Season. Ever.

    I’ll still watch it as long as they air it, though. 24 is one of those shows that could, at any point, do something so unexpected that it can make up for a year (or two) of suckitude. It’s just that those days are beginning to seem like they’re way in the past.

    My haiku:
    This season sucked balls.
    Writers need the same torture
    Jack gave his brother.

    24: The show that proves, once a week, that it truly is better to burn out than fade away.

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