Correcting a 20-Year-Old Mistake

Last week, the Civee and I went to see Transformers. (She tagged along because I’ve watched a bit of General Hospital in the past few weeks).

While I was looking forward to the movie for a while, I was prepared for the possibility of disappointment. Ugly robots, only one of the original voice actors and the director of Pearl Harbor trying to make a movie about transforming robots meant this could have been a very bad movie.

But it wasn’t. I really enjoyed it. Some of the action scenes were hard to follow, the Tranformer “deaths” happened too easily and I had questions about some of the plot points, but those were minor issues.

The action was great- and it was neat seeing things from a “human scale” (even if that made it hard to follow). John Tuturro and his character were a nice surprise. The idea of transforming robots didn’t seem that ridiculous (even if the scene outside Sam’s house was a bit of comedic relief). And Optimus was the same Optimus Prime character (“Freedom is the right of all sentinent beings,” “One shall stand, one shall fall) that he was back in the days of Generation 1.

Best of all, he didn’t die this time.

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