In his mind, he's already there.

Michael Richards, who played Kramer on Seinfeld and famously made an ass of himself last year, is going to Cambodia to find himself.

From the link:

the comedian is visiting remote temples in Cambodia, following the teachings of a Hindu monk. In a recent Los Angeles Times interview, the comic admitted he has lost his sense of humor, adding, “I’m taking time off to feel myself out, get to know myself and appreciate other people.”

Sometimes, you know, life does imitate art:

In real life:
-Michael Richards played Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld.
-Cosmo Kramer was based off of Kenny Kramer, real life friend of Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld.
-After the fictional character based on him became one of the most popular television characters ever, Kenny Kramer started (a hilarious) reality tour.
-Michael Richards goes insane during a live performance.
-Michael Richards goes to Cambodia in Southeast Asia to find himself.

In “art:”
-The biography of Elaine’s boss, J. Peterman, is based off of stories bought from Cosmo Kramer.
-After the book becomes a bestseller, Cosmo Kramer starts (a pathetic) reality tour.
-J. Peterman goes insane while at work.
-J. Peterman runs off to Myanmar (not the discount pharmacy), in Southeast Asia to find himself.

All I have to say is the world works in strange ways.

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