You know my name

Because my legal name ends in Jr., I’ve never been the only Tom in my family.

Now that I’m married, it’s even more complicated.

Both The Civee’s father and eldest brother share my first and middle names.

I was driving to a wedding this weekend with The Civee and her parents, when the topic of what to call me amidst all these other Toms came up.

No, I don’t like it.

I haven’t been called that one in a long time, and I don’t mind it, but it’s also what The Civee’s brother was called when he was younger.

But then, I said, “Well, some of my friends call me King Tom.”

After getting past the whole “why do they call you King Tom” bit, The Civee’s mother started to call me “King Tom” several times throughout the night.

Of course, each time she did so, the cutest little scowl would appear on The Civee’s face.

If this continues, much fun will be had at my wife’s expense.

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