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I haven’t posted in a while, mostly because for the past week, the Civee and I were in Canada.

We got back early Sunday morning (or late Saturday night, depending on who you’re talking to). After recovering during the day yesterday, last night, I went to see The Rentals at the Newport in Columbus. I have to admit, the only reason I started listening to the Rentals was because the band’s frontman, Matt Sharp, was the original bassist in Weezer. But after buying their first album ten years ago, I followed the Rentals (Matt and a revolving line-up) based on their own output.

I could go on and on about this, but I think that Matt is much better suited to be the frontman of his own band than the bassist in Weezer. His personality was/is so much different than the rest of the band’s. At least with the Rentals, the bouncy music and personalities of his bandmates complement his own.

As for the show, it was really good (even if it felt weird going to a concert on a Sunday night). Except for the drummer and a backup guitarist, the other four members of the band (and Matt) changed places (and instruments) with every song. The songs featured during the show spanned the group’s two albums, and the four tracks from their new EP. In addition to the drums, bass and guitar, the band used a plethora of synthesizers, a violin and even a trombone.

Maybe the most impressive thing about the set was a four-song encore, which contained, as a nice surprise, a Rentals version of the Weezer song ‘I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams.’ The original Weezer version featured current Rentals bassist Rachel Haden on vocals, so I guess it makes sense that the Rentals would borrow it for their show.

Overall, a great show (even though it had a weird vibe for being on a Sunday night).

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  1. How funny how we took vacation at the same time and traveled about the same distance as well.

    On another note, Canadians has this thing for Tim Horton’s coffee. I never understood why.

    An interesting about Canada is that Kraft Mac & Cheese does NOT exist in there.

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