Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy

Mel Hall, who was a non-performing outfielder on some really bad Yankees teams in the early 90s, was indicted earlier this week on child sex charges.

I can’t say it’s a surprise, because back when he was a Yankee, Mel took a 16-year-old to her prom.

Mel also had a wonderful, outgoing personality, which, according to Joel Sherman’s book Birth of a Dynasty, he used to torture then-rookie Bernie Williams:

Hall taped “Mr. Zero” to the top of Williams’s locker to signify that he meant nothing to the team. One day Hall nearly brought Williams to tears by saying, “Zero, shut up,” every time Williams tried to speak. The more Williams tried, the louder Hall interrupted with repetitive chants of “Zero.”

Of course, Mel retired with a .276 lifetime batting average, no postseason or All Star appearances and made about $6 million from his years in the big leagues.

Meanwhile, the so-called Mr. Zero is a multi-time All Star, Worlds Series champion, has a .297 lifetime batting average, is a borderline hall of famer, has the respect of Yankees fans everywhere, earned about 17 times more than Mel earned and put out an album praised by Paul McCartney.

Oh yeah, and Bernie isn’t a social pariah now, either.

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