Giant Bugs From Outer Space

This past Saturday, while most of the rest of Columbus was busy watching some football game, the Civee and I went walking for a few miles in Darby Creek Metro Park. One of the most fascinating things, to me, was this Praying Mantis we saw in the parking lot. I took a few pictures, but only one came out good.

Bug Eyes

Looking at it this way, I can see why humongous insects are a staple of bad science fiction movies.

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3 thoughts on “Giant Bugs From Outer Space

  1. They say praying matisses are good luck, so be happy. We always have quite a few manti(?) at our house in the spring it seems. We love them. A huge one was on the lock to our shed this past season. He was brown.

    Great photo.

    And we love that park. They have a nice dog trail where we walk to the dog. We actually found our turtle, Winnie, at that park too.

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