Who's dialin' your car phone?

I spent some time yesterday (Saturday) buying a new cell phone.

The Civee and I already have a “house phone” so it’s not like I need this to be my main phone, just something in case of emergencies or if I want to call someone while I’m on the road.

The thing that took up the most time was trying to understand all the pricing stuff. For some reason, whenever I asked about how much it would cost a month, the salesman kept on telling me about all of the special messaging plans and extra video features. And he knew how much those cost. But not the basic price of the phone and just making regular phone calls.

Once he finally figured out I wasn’t interested in all that other stuff, he gave me a price and I have to admit, I was even more confused by all the “rollover” and “hours” terms. But I gave in and got the phone.

The phone has Tetris. So there’s one thing about the phone I understand.

On a side note, downtown Columbus would be a lot more fun if it had a working cab system- one where cabs drove around and you could hail them in the street. Yesterday afternoon, the Civee and I were going to an afternoon Blue Jackets game and then to the Statehouse for a the “Haunted Statehouse” tour. But we had to pick up the tickets at the Statehouse first. We drove to the Statehouse, picked up the tickets, drove to the arena, saw the game, then drove back to the Statehouse. Would have been a lot easier if we could have just taken cabs back and forth and stopped for dinner somehere in the middle. But between the game and the tour, it was fun, so I guess I can’t complain.

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