Clean-up on Aisle One

Tonight, the Civee and I walked to the nearby Giant Eagle to get some things for tonight’s dinner (turkey burgers).

We were mostly done getting what we needed when I wanted to stop and get a bottle of Orangina (the best soft drink ever). I reached for a bottle, but it slipped out of my fingers and broke on the floor, spilling and shattering glass all over aisle 1.

The Civee went to go tell the store staff of the spill (and broken glass) as I stood by, letting people know of the broken glass and liquid on the floor (and when people in a grocery store are on a cell phone, they really aren’t paying attention to anything else). She came back, saying that the manager said they’ll send someone. We agreed to stand there until someone showed up, figuring it was our responsibility to do so.

The thing is, it took ten minutes for someone to show to clean it up. By this point, I had gone to the front to tell someone (as we thought they forgot about us). It was an ethical quandry for us–yes, the broken glass and spilled liquid was our responsibility, but how long were we supposed to wait there to let our fellow shoppers know to be careful?

And by the way, I did apologize for my clumsiness. Instead of signing my name on the receipt, I wrote ‘sorry ’bout the Orangina.’

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